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    Eraser released!

    Hi Sarah, if you hover over the "Download Eraser 6.0.10 from SourceForge" link you'll see the target is ... /Eraser%
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    Eraser released!

    Many thanks. This tool is invaluable.
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    Eraser 6 FAT Directory Entry Erasure Implemented

    Thanks for the hard work. It's very much appreciated. i think this is one of the most underrated open source projects and have loved and use this for a long time now. Keep up the great work.
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    Windows 7 Support?

    I stumbled across this thread looking for information about support for Win7 in Eraser. If you are looking for any more beta testers, feel free to contact me. I am a fan of eraser. have been using it for years now, and am actively using Win7 one one of my machines. Let me know if you're...