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    How to Restore Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e?

    Here are 5 Samsung S10 Data Recovery methods that help you retrieve deleted data, photos, videos and more files from Samsung Galaxy S10 with or without root. Read More: Samsung S10 Data Recovery: Recover Galaxy S10 With/Without Root
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    What is the quickest way to remove watermarks from photos?

    The best and quickest way to remove watermark from digital photos is by using a photo editing software. There are a lot of free and paid picture editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Jihosoft Photo Eraser, Super Eraser, Webinpaint etc. All these software come with watermark remover feature...
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    How To Edit Someone Out Of A Picture Without Photoshop

    Each time you think you have a clear shot at a fantastic view, someone walks in and spoils your photography. Probably it is impossible to take a picture of the view without someone walking in. Then read this simple guide and find out how to edit someone out of the picture without Photoshop.
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    How to successfully recover deleted data from Android?

    I just lost some of my files on my Samsung, and found a post reviewing some best Android Data Recovery tools. I think the first one it recommended is nice to use. Did you ever lose any data on your Android phone? Which tool you used to recover Android, and can you recommend one?
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    Samsung Recovery to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy

    It's recommended to perform Samsung data recovery right after you lost the data on your Samsung phone or tablet. Try not to operate your phone when the data is lost, and you'd better turn off the network connection and turn the phone into airplane mode to avoid new data being generated.
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    how to recover deleted photos from OnePlus phone?

    I have deleted whatsapp photos from the chat window by mistake as my oneplus didn't ask to confirm deleting. Then I ask help from oneplus forum to guide me what to do. Finally I got it! If you have a computer on hand, then you can use oneplus data recovery program. This tool has a capability to...
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    How to Get Back Deleted Photos from Samsung S8/S8+?

    It is no denying that the camera features of Samsung Galaxy phones have attracted attention of many Androidusers. However, even the best phone could not protect your photos from being deleted forever. And you may want to know how to recover deleted photos and other data from Samsung Galaxy...
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    How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy S4?

    I have to say there are really reliable solutions and tools, which can help users get deleted photos, messages, contacts etc. back from Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 internal memory. For recovering deleted data from broken Samsung Galaxy, you should read this. For recovering existing data...