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    Completed with errors

    If you haven't exited out of eraser from the taskbar before running as administrator try that
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    Multiple Issues Vista

    I have been recently been experiencing some new problems with Eraser v6.0.6.1376 I am using Windows Vista 64-Bit with Service Pack 2 Problem #1: When I drag & drop a folder full of files into erasers main window I get the following error: Sunday, April 04, 2010 10:35:39 PM Error The system...
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    Problem Shredding Compressed Files

    No I have not set them as such however how do I check for an Encrypted or Compressed disk. Also I have just realized that eraser is no longer erroring on mp3 and zip (idk maybe a windows update or something forgot to check if it was still a problem before i posted my bad, and also they have...
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    Problem Shredding Compressed Files

    i am currently using Windows Vista x64
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    Problem Shredding Compressed Files

    Ever since I have used Eraser I have been having problems with shredding compressed files such as .zip and .mp3 I have almost always gotten this error: could not be erased because the file was either compressed,encrypted or a sparse file I'm lost for thought on this one I have successfully...
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    Shell Extension Error Vista

    Upon Installing the most recent Windows Vista x64 Updates I began to encounter an error with Eraser v6.0.6.1376 from using the right click extension for Eraser/Erase through my recycle bin. I have also tried to uninstall Eraser, reboot, and reinstall resulting in the same error...