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    Privacy under Windows platform.

    I believe CCleaner does not erase, but only deletes bytes, which we all know are easily recovered. I don't use it to safeguard data only to remove trash that my Win8 (rehash of 95 as far as I can tell from performance) chokes on and slows to glacial speed in execution. Two years since Eraser...
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    Eraser 6.0.10 (x86) on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) problem

    Give up on Eraser and find a working security program until such time as Joel gets his act together. :!:
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    Completed with errors

    Me too...which makes me want to find another program that actually works!
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    Eraser Updates

    My experience too...I run Win8 and Eraser does not recognize the Administrator set. When I attempt to erase Freespace it wastes time by running through all the sys files first! Is 8 so much different architecture that Eraser is obsolete? If it cannot perform the promises I must find another...
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    Privacy under Windows platform.

    I am running Win8 and Eraser does not recognize my Admin setting. Is there a fix in the works? Win8 appears to be a different specie than XP..for which the present ver. of Eraser seems to be written. Am I mistaken? Inform me.
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    Privacy under Windows platform.

    I don't see any recent 2013 014 posts? Is this a dead topic or does no one care anymore?
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    High frequency of "completed with errors" message

    My experience also. I am the system administrator yet find I am prevented from access to most files and cannot erase anything! This version, as far as I can tell is a waste of time. The "completed with errors" message should be changed to "nothing has been done" When I try to erase freespace...