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    5.7 instead of 5.84 works on unused disc space

    After several failures using 5.84 to erase unused disc space, even in Safe Mode on my XP2 Pro (only got to about 6% before locking up) I followed advice in another thread and re-installed 5.7. This did the job in Safe Mode, so there seems to be an issue with 5.84, at least on some systems. I...
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    Eraser Has to Close when erasing unused space

    I am having a problem trying to erase unused disc space. When I do it from Windows Explorer right click menu, after about 20% of erasing cluster tips I get the Windows dialogue saying that Windows Explorer has a problem and has to close, and the error log shows a problem in a temp file with...
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    Time to erase free disc space

    When erasing files and folders I use the 35 pass option. With a folder containing 1 gb of files it takes an hour or more, which is fine. But what happens if I'm erasing free disc space? Can I also expect it to take an hour or so per gig of free space, or would it be faster? If I have 60 gb...
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    Master File Table Records on free space erase

    I want to erase the free space on my hard drive, but I don't understand the part in the dialogue about that including Master File Table Records. That sounds to me like it will erase a master file that perhaps my other, non-erased stuff (the stuff on the non-free space area) might need. Is it...