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    Signing installers for added trust

    Given the recent issues / compromise, could you look into getting releases signed with PGP/GPG. This enable users to be able to trust the software that is on the site for download. IIRC this had been broached before and knocked on the head as it was too time consuming for Garrett. To work...
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    CCleaner steps it up a notch

    Looks like CCleaner has stepped it up a notch by adding the ability to securely wipe free space. While it's not as configurable as eraser at the moment it's an interesting development. We now have as far as I can see Eraser 6 which is aiming for CCleaner like functionality and CCleaner which...
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    The given key was not present....

    Quick question (for a change) before I get some much needed sleep. Can anyone tell me what the following means or why on earth it is happening. On logging in (to Win XP SP2+hf) I get eraser.exe ( popping up a cmd window that says the following: The given Key was not present in...
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    'Buy Eraser' - O RLY? It would be nice if it was made a little clearer that this is a donation and not a requirement to buy eraser. I'm sure it will catch some people out.
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    Portable Eraser Available

    Thanks to the good work by the guys at, there is now a portable version of Eraser 5.82 available
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    Erase may have its work cut out for it on vista Looks like Vista keeps a lot of information on files and file access that eraser more than likely wont be capable or wiping.
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    RFC: Sanatization Standards for possible Eraser inclusion

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have trying to come up with a list of the various country/government data sanitizations but apart from the DoD ones I am having a hard time getting any detailed specifics on how they are performed. The main reason I am bringing this up is for...
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    [BUG 5.83-13-Mar-2007] Scheduler does not run

    Cross posted as there is no bug submitting forum yet *cough* ;] Giving 5.83 a go as I wanted to make use of the different wipe pattern schedules I've discovered that any tasks entered into the scheduled list will not run. Doing a manual run, wipes the files listed for deletion.
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    BUG: Uninstall / Scheduler bug - all versions

    Problem There is a bug in the way that eraser handles the default.ers file which contains details on scheduled wipes, when you uninstall and then re-install eraser. This bug results in previous installs scheduled tasks still taking place but not showing up in the Schedule list Replication...
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    The Eraser 5.x feature request thread

    Being a big fan of eraser I would like to see it progress. While it is almost complete for the purpose it was intended (erasing files) there are a few things I'm sure could be added. Personally I would rather see it shy away from becoming a system clean up tool like ccleaner, but giving...
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    The Eraser 5.8-final bug list thread

    Now that the final version of 5.8 has been released I thought it might be an idea to start a thread where we can list bug that are in it (and in certain cases pointed out that they were in beta versions) - Eraser key shortcuts conflict with default windows ones. In Windows Explorer...
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    Ultra Quick Erase should not be relied upon

    Jesse Kornblum has just release SSDeep which is a fuzzy hashing tool. unlike normal hacking tools (such as md5sum, md5deep) ssdeep allows an investigator to compare portions of a file with a known good file hash. With the way ultra quick erase works, just deleting the first and last 2k of...
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    Reconstructing a Binary from Memory

    An interesting new tool to recover binary data from memory dumps ... pload.html
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    DBAN with GRUB

    Hi I was wondering how I can use the latest DBAN beta with GRUB as said at the FAQ on the main homepage. I have 50mb on the boot partition where grub is located. What file am I supposed to put on that partition and what do I write in the the menu.lst file to actually be able to start DBAN.
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    Eraser gets a mention on Cyberspeak

    Some of you might be interested to listen to the 10th June episode of Cyberspeak in which the guys mention DBan and Eraser
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    Bug Report: v5.8 Explorer Menu issue

    I've rencetly upgraded to eraser 5.8 and discovered there is a small bug. When in Windows Explorer using key short cuts to access the windows "rename" option (alt+f, m) it no longer works as someone decided to use "m" as the short cut key in the "Eraser Secure Remove" option. This is...