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    Eraser add task files from folder mask issue

    i made a folder inside i put some files with txt extension and one with .boc then i add a task to delete the files from folder with exclude mask on *.boc" and delete folder if empty checked in this scenario eraser will erase all files and the folder also even if there is a .boc file inside...
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    Eraser more then 16 files task

    hello i just did this... i made 17 files new text documents in a normal folder in top of my partition then i select all 17 files and right click eraser --> erase and nothing happens if i select only 16 everything working ok. Can somebody confirm this?
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    Eraser folder or file with comma in the name error

    "test,test" filname or folder: task will not be executed. there error log shows "the parameter is incorect"
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    Eraser 6 rc4 875 Windows 7 64 shell extension error

    hello i have windows 7 64 every time i try erase something from a folder with right click --> eraser- erase menu i get this: "The Eraser application could not be started. Ensure that your installation of Eraser is not corrupted: try running the Eraser Setup again to Repair the install." i...