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    creating boot disk

    Download WinImage from here .. Basically it will take your bootable floppy image and convert it into a bootable cd image :) hope it helps
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    Help please! (Files won't delete)

    Easiest way i found to delete the undelete able files is to ... 1. Create a new folder in the same directory as the folder containing the files you can not delete. (don't bother naming it yet) 2. Take all the files that you DO NOT WANT TO DELETE out of the original folder and place them in the...
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    Pest Patrol found aSpy Key Logger in eraser582setup.exe

    Pest Patrol found aSpy V2.12 key logger in eraser582setup.exe downloaded from here ... ... 31813.html It says its V5.7 but the download is actually 5.82. I even re-downloaded eraser to be sure it wasnt just some glitch in Pest Patrol, and it...