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    Eraser forum & download site often unavailable

    Off & on over several weeks (at least) I've gotten errors when trying to reach forum or download sites. Sometimes problem persists for hours. Next day, I may be able to access the sites. There's always the same message: Clicking on Error Console in Firefox 20 / 21 shows a more detailed...
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    Do scheduled tasks deleted from UI get erased

    When any data is deleted from the scheduled task UI - jobs, logs, etc., are they automatically erased? If not, doesn't that pose a risk, depending on what the data is? If they do get erased, should it say, "Do you want to erase the selected task?" Just deleting them would be the equivalent of...
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    Include text copy of reply in email notices?

    Is there any way the automatic email notifications could be changed, so they contain text version of the actual reply (like options on many forums)? Often, the replies don't concern me or aren't anything of interest, where I'd want to log in just to read them. Not a criticism - just not all...
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    Has Eraser development & support mostly stopped?

    I haven't seen any activity on nightly versions since 0ct. 2012 & no posts on beta forum for months. Also posts in this forum often get no replies from devs / mods for days or weeks. If it's no longer under development, or "on vacation," please let us know. :) Thanks.
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    No section for Forum Issues; heidi

    There's no section to post questions on forum issues, so I'll put it here. When using the , Firefox reports a certificate error. The secure connection URL is the one sent in email notifications of forum replies. Does Heidi keep this certificate updated?
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    Can Eraser create crash reports?

    In Vista x64, Eraser sometimes crashes on context menu erasing (not scheduled task, where err log might be useful). I noted it sometimes crashes when selecting several files at once to erase by selecting the files in Explorer, the R click > Erase. No explanation other than Eraser...
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    Erasing free space on encrypted partition

    Eraser help says it erase free space on encrypted drives. It says the encryption is transparent to Eraser. However, when I try to erase free space on a whole partition encrypted w/ True Crypt 7, Eraser crashes, and one of lines in error msg is "directory not found." This partition...
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    can't install eraser 6.1 builds -Windows Installer Service

    In Vista x64, tried both 6.1.2276, 2278. Same err: "Windows Installer Service could not be accessed." Said, "can occur when running in safe mode or if windows installer not installed correctly." Not running in safe mode. Windows installer ver is 4.5 & seems to work fine for installing other...
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    No Trac registration email to verify address

    I'm having same problem as user in link below did - trac says an email has been sent so can verify my email address, but never receive it. I receive all bulk / junk mail, so that's not the issue. I clicked the "resend email verification" button - still no good. Used same user name & email...
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    No option to change default install path of 6.07?

    In Vista x64 SP2, I see no option during installation to change default install location from c:\... Is this correct? May be an error w/ my d/l copy, system, etc., but there was no typical "click to change installation path." If option to change locations isn't included in 6.07, what would be...
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    6.0.x - NO drag & drop files / folders?

    Did I miss a really OBVIOUS part of the help file, or do Eraser vers 6x no longer have drag & drop of folder / files from windows explorer? Least doesn't exist in Vista x64 SP2. Hope I'm wrong, because building new tasks w/ more than couple items is.... slooow. What was wrong w/ drag & drop...
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    Will Eraser Secure Move work over home network?

    Using Eraser 5.86.1 on two machines. Will Secure Move work (generally) over a home network? Want to move files from PC w/ XP SP-3 to a new PC w/ Vista x64 hm prem. Just not sure if Eraser is designed to erase or secure move files across ANY network, even if the files are set to "Share." Thanks.
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    On Demand entries deleted after erasing

    In 5.86a, after creating on demand entries & backing up the tasks file, when I erase only specific files out of the on demand list (like cookies.sqlite in FF 3), Eraser deletes those entries from the on demand UI. But only the files I erased - the rest still show up on the On Demand list...
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    preferred overwrite method

    Using Eraser ver 5.86a 32 bit (5.86.1), in XP SP3. Noticed in help file says default method overwriting files is Gutman 35 passes. On my install, default is Pseudo random 1 pass. Also a new method (to me) - Schneier's 7 pass. I find nothing in help file about this method. I'm not trying to...
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    Erasing in Firefox 3

    As I understand it, bookmarks & history are now stored in same file in FF 3 (places.sqlite). Correct me if wrong. If so, how do you use Eraser to erase the history but not bookmarks? FF can delete this private data, but not securely, and it has its problems anyway. Thanks.
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    Erasing several subfolders but not individual files

    In a folder (like content.ie5) that contains subfolders w/ changing names like the one listed below, and also file names like desktop.ini, will selecting option to erase "Folders" and "Only Subfolders", leave the file (desktop.ini) alone? I DON'T want to erase the destop.ini (I edited it.)...
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    Eraser, Alternate Data Streams and Restore Points

    Read something about Eraser wiping (or causing Windows to wipe) Restore Points. My searches on this forum didn't turn up much. Which files, and their associated Alternate Data Streams (ADS)will eliminate XP Restore Points when those files / ADS are wiped by Eraser? The Help file indicates...
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    Prefetch files don't erase on reboot like other locked files

    Most of the files that Eraser 5.82 says are locked after an on demand erase, and asks if I want to erase them on restart, it erases. The Windows XP\Prefetch files it doesn't seem to touch. Is there something really special about them? They're not even real files. Is perhaps the only way(s)...
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    Meaning of message in failure report after on demand erase

    When I do an on demand erase of saved tasks, some files are shown as "Failures", where only a few have the explanation shown after the path & file name: <b>Cannot create a file when that file already exists.</b> What does that mean? In some cases the files named do exist, at least before...
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    Problems w/ Eraser and free space fixed?

    Have seen some comments on a few sites about problems w/ Eraser and erasing free space. May be old info and later versions may have fixed this. One page is here: ... ies.htm#40 Where in part, it says, "Be aware that the current version of Eraser has...