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    Simple guide to deleting internet content with Eraser!!

    How often, expensive software I cannot speak for spybot and if it actually erases all internet content or not. To delete internet history/cookie from the control panel. Open the Control Panel, double click Internet Options, click on the General Tab. Delete what you want from here. If you...
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    Need to wipe my hard dirve...KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE..

    Why wipe the drive? If all you are doing is re-installing your OS, why bother with wiping the drive?
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    Is quick erase option secure?

    Depends on what you are trying to protect from. Quick erase will be sufficient to keep any forensic software programs from recovering any data. There are hardware methods that can still "see" past the quick erase method. This would require opening the drive, connecting several thousand...
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    Erasing Flash card

    FYI.. the 1,000,000 write/erase cycles is typical for High Reliability Flash. I have seen some that quote as low as 10,000 instead.
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    Erasing Flash card

    Wear leveling and using ERaser on Flash Yes it is a problem. The flash controller thats in the card will determine exacly what sectors of physical flash are written to. For example, say eraser is used with 7 passes to "overwrite" a particular sector of flash memory. The controler can erase the...
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    Erasing Flash card

    jim9, Flash memory is NOT like RAM. It does have a limited write/erase lifetime. Flash must be erased in blocks and each time a block erase occurs there is some small probability that those cells (bits) will not function any longer. Most flash chips will state it like this "1,000,000 write...