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    Can't erase unused diskspace and delete files

    Hey again. I'm using Windows XP SP3. And eraser is still telling me every time i using right click > erase files, 7 times. That it has been completed with errors. But i can only find the old error messages, not the new ones. And that it's can't find the map that is already erased. And not...
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    Unused disk space 500 GB HDD

    Which method should i use, if i have a 500 GB harddrive and 2 partions on that. Which one is best, and without to kill my harddrive or something? And i want that the traces on my HDD should be gone. 35 pass should be really slow, maybe 7 or 1? Then i have other harddrives that just lies and...
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    35 pass guttman

    When i used guttman before with the old version of Eraser it took a time to delete files. But now they get removed in 1 second, it's same if i use the 1 pass. So is the files really deleted? If i add to the schedule to manually and then choose guttman, it takes 1 second too. And this...