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    No "Eraser" in context menu

    Exactly what has been solved? And how? I posted two questions about problems a couple of days ago and still waiting for some help, so I would appreciate if you share your solution with us.
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    Eraser 6.0.10 (x86) on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) problem

    Hi, I did a search on this forum and did not find any answer for my problem. I made a post on other thread (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8153&start=15) but them I decided to use the x86 version of Eraser instead of the x64 to keep the context menus working in my preferred file manager (Altap...
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    No "Eraser" in context menu

    I have the same problem on my fresh install of Windows 7. I tried the ShellExView but without success. It says that my entries are enabled, but It do not show on context menus. Any help? Correction: After reading other topics I realize the problem is that Eraser installed the 64-bit version...