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    Western Digital Drives

    WD drives come with a software program called Data Lifeguard Tools. One of the tools allows you to boot from floppy and do a low level format, which writes zeroes to the drive. My question is how effective is this? can I just use DBAN? or would using DBAN then the WD tool be better?
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    Clarification on erasing please...

    I have been reading through some of the posts and Im confused on one issue. Say youre in Windows 2000 and you want to erase one file, you would right click it and select "erase" from the menu. It would erase (overwrite) all the file information (filenames, etc) for that one file with random data...
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    RAID disks

    Hi, I had a 2 questions: 1. If you had a system with 2 drives configured in RAID-0 running Windows 2000 (NTFS), is it possible to recover ANY type of data if you only have 1 of the drives? Keep in mind NO data has been erased yet. 2. Using the above system again. What would be the best...