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    Dban---How long will it run?

    Ok, I went backwards, and downloaded Eraser, then followed someones steps to make a floppy off the Eraser to get the Dban nuke floppy. It all worked, thank god, and I set the computer up for eight passes under the PRNG stream. First pass took about 3.5-4.0 hours. We are on the second pass, it...
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    Dban "boot failed" What did I do wrong?

    OK, I made a CDROM version by first downloading it to my computer, then double clicking on it, and my Roxy CD Creator came on, I made a finalized CDROM. I checked the CDROM and it did not have just one item, but many items listed, so I'm guessing it was done right. I noted when you record, and...
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    Checking bootable Windows CD...

    I was told to check my Windows 98SE CD to see if it is bootable prior to running dban. How do I do that?
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    Need to wipe my hard dirve...KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE..

    :?: OK, I have a P3 w/windows98SE. I want to completely wipe my hard drive. I easily get lost zipping/unzipping, and I really don't understand booting with Floppy's and CD's as my computer has always booted itself up, so I guess something has to be changed to do that. In any event, I would like...
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    Eraser copied in Zip form, Bootable disk copied, whats next?

    :?: OK, I copied the Eraser5.7 in zip form, at least I half to open it with Winzip. Should I install Eraser? If not, what is next. I'm told I need to change my booting order on my Windows 98SE. anyone know the command to do so? Please present a logical order to wipe my hard drive, and at the end...
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    CDROM R version od dban...the hard Drive nuke

    :?: A couple of questions? #1)Where do you find the CDROM R version o dban to wipe my hard drive? #2) I downloaded the dban1.0.6_i338 from Univ. of MN. site, then recorded it to a CDROM on "Easy CD creator" and did not finalize it, (leaving it open allows me to add other erasing items on this...