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    SourceForge Download Page - For Garrett

    Hi Garrett, You may want to take a quick look at Erasers SourceForge download page. The 5.5.4 release is listed in the 5.6 category section (above the actual 5.6 release). Also, the 5.6 release notes seem to have been lost on SourceForge when 5.6a was released (and, of course, the 5.5.4...
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    INFO2 Records - For Garrett

    Hi Garrett! A quick question for you... in another thread, you posted that "Encrypting the swap file ... will not help with temp files, INFO2 records, or all the other bits strewn around the disk by programs." I am wondering, what are INFO2 records? I have never heard that term, and a...
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    Cluster slack space wiping

    Is it possible for eraser to just wipe the cluster slack space for a selected group of files (only selected files)? Not wiping the actual files, of course. If not, would it be a reasonable feature request?
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    Small mistake on site

    Hi Garrett, I found a tiny (but fairly important!) mistake on your site. The products page links to for eraser. Unfortunately, there is no default.htm in that directory on your server, so the user gets a page not found error. Thought you would...
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    Thoughts on big new piece of code added to eraser

    What do people think about "Dariks Boot and Nuke disk now being included with the main eraser download? Personally, Im not too keen on it. Ive always trusted eraser, because it was written by Sami, and now maintained by Garrett. But strapping this other product (Dariks Boot and Nuke disk)...
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    What do you like about Eraser?

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread dedicated to what you like about Eraser. Heres what I like: 1) Relatively bug free 2) Non-intrusive user interface - when Im not using it, I dont even know its installed (except for the useful right-click menu items, which are great). I always...
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    This forum and sourceforge forum

    I notice that there are now two forums simultaneously going on - this one and the one on sourceforge ( Would it make sense to have it all in one place? While they are both very small, it would be pretty easy to combine them... if they each grow seperately, it...