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    How To Erase A Folder's Contents With A Batch File

    I am using Eraser version 5.86.1. I wrote the batch script below which allows me to erase the Recycle Bin with the single-pass random data method, just by clicking on it. @echo off :: CLEARS RECYCLE BIN WITH 1 PASS OF PSEUDORANDOM DATA start "" "C:\Program Files\\Eraser\eraserl.exe"...
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    Ask User To Resolve Locked Files Glitch

    I have Windows XP, and here is a glitch in Eraser version 5.86.1, that I've noticed. Under General Preferences\Locked Files When I check both, "Enable resolving of file locking (try clearing after restart), and "Ask User", Eraser deletes the temp folders that I've instructed it to, except for...