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    Joel, you still working on Eraser?

    I know the last few times I posted, you said free time was scarce, so was just wondering if you were still working on this project or had moved on to other things. I noticed 6.0.10 is still the latest, and it still constantly offers the update to the same version even though it's already installed.
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    Install process needs to update files in use

    Just realized I wasn't using the latest version of Eraser, so decided to upgrade. But when i ran the installer, it told me i needed to close Outlook, Firefox, etc because some files it needed to update were in use. Why would Eraser need to update files in use by common programs such as...
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    Possible to just erase cluster tips and MFT

    I know when you schedule a free disk space eraser you can have it do the cluster tips, and at the end of a free disk space wipe it always does the MFT at the end (I think erasing records of files that no longer exist, is that correct?) But say I wanted to do only the cluster tips and the MFT...
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    Eraser and OSX Boot Camp XP

    I have a Mac that I'm going to use BootCamp on so I can boot the Mac as a Windows machine. I believe BootCamp will make an NTFS partition to install Windows on to. Has anyone tried to use Eraser in this setup? What was your experience?
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    Does erasing a file also make previous files unrecoverable

    Say I erase a file named 1.mp3, which just happens to have overwritten the same spots on the hard drive that files abc.mp3 and def.mp3 used to exist but were deleted by normal deletion. By securely erasing 1.mp3, does that also make abc.mp3 and def.mp3 unrecoverable as well since they were on...
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    On demand erasing fails if you disable startup item

    This worked fine in 6.0.6, but gives an error in 6.0.7. What I do on my computer is since I already have around 20 things in my system tray is disable the eraser startup entry, because I never schedule erasures, I only need it on occassion for on demand erasings. With 6.0.6 the only drawback...
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    Erasing free space fails, due to bad random file names

    On a XP computer, I've tried to do a wipe free space a couple times, usually I let it run overnight and it's BSOD'd when i wake up in the morning. Today I tried another one and decided to watch it. it did all the cluster tip areas, then filled up my hard drive, but when it got to the point of...