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    FAT32 erasing problem on XP and Vista

    Hi, . I tried this on XP and Vista Enterprise edition on interally attached disk. In the middle of erasing unused space on FAT32 partition, I met the following message: Information: Statistics: Erased area = 1711 MB Cluster tips = 0 bytes Data written = 1711 MB...
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    Error on unused space, system drive C

    Hi, . We have been using this Eraser for long time. When we used the current version to clear unused space of system drive,C, we have met the following error message frequently. Information: Statistics: Erased area = 2852 MB Cluster tips = 0 bytes Data written = 2852 MB Write time = 130.89 s...
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    Unused partition erase failure

    Hi, At the end of erasing process for unused partition, I met the following messages: - Could not make the temporary file - Error: Failed to erase file names from drive H:\, don't know why exactly. I tested it on Vista Enterprise edition. Regards, Nobelrichy
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    Bad sectors ?

    Hi, . While erasing the whole HDD usign this program, which had got stuck. I guess it met some bad sectors. If it met bad blocks, does it just wait ? . Thanks, Richy
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    Hang and reboot while erasing unused area with Eraser5.8

    Hi, . In Windows XP, we stopped the process of erasing unused area which reside in system drive, C. Then the eraser menu was hang and can't be controlled anymore. And the second thing is that the computer is rebooted in the middle of erasing unused system ared, C. Please give me the reason...