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    Single drive wipe protects data, research finds : "A computer forensics specialist has a message for security-minded computer users: A single wipe will make drives impossible to read. In research published on Thursday, auditor Craig Wright tested the ability of a special type of electron microscope...
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    Someone help me whith .httpaccess...

    Try Googling it, partner. I have no idea why you'd ask a question like that here. Pete
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    Why do we HAVE "Slow Entropy Polling"

    if it only causes problems/doesn't work? (Which has been going on for a long time prior to v.5.8, BTW). Or is it designed to only work on a specific OS? Personally, I've never been able to figure out what the heck it was supposed to DO (what the benefit of using that setting was, IOW). If...
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    Does Eraser automatically recurse subdirectories

    when securely over-writing? Pete
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    NOD32 finds infections during free-space wipe

    Can't figure this one out. It only happens rarely. When running an Eraser free space wipe on C drive (which is the only drive on here, BTW, other than the CD, floppy and DVD drives, of course) un-attended (I run it nightly), NOD32 will sometimes alert on something found in Eraser's "temp"...