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    Encrypt & Erase Could this be the solution?

    Once again I have a question for the regulars - sorry! I have read a few posts about encryption and in particular Drive Encryption. My question is "is it possible to encrypt a file and or drive - then if you erased your C drive would this then make it impossible for recovery software to recover...
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    Files to Wipe

    To all the old timers [those who have used eraser for a long time] it would be nice if some could list the files that should be be wiped as per their "on demand list". As a newbie I would encouraged to se what the Profs are doing and what, where the files are, that should be deleted...
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    WinSolo & Eraser

    Firstly thanks for a Great Product.........Love it and cant live without it. Albeit Im a newbie in file erasing, but the other day I was able to download a product called "Winsolo" [Free of course for Win 95& 98]. Anyway the Winsolo shuts down all running applications including Explorer and the...