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    Eraser does NOT erase items with overlong path+filename

    As I found out Eraser v6.2 does NOT erase files with an overlong path+filename (>259 chars). These files exists after a move or backup of directory trees into another subdirectory. However the path+filename length is not absolute limit (in Windows 10). There a lots of programs which can handle...
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    Make Eraser context menus in WinExplorer non-cascading

    Assume users want to erase a file in Windows Explorer. They have to right-click the marked file and move the mouse at first vertically to the "Eraser" entry and then horizontally to the "ersase" cascading submenu. This is an error prone operation on the long run. I would appreciate if the...
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    How to integrate Eraser to WinExplorer context menu AFTER installation (from USB flash drive)?

    I installed Eraser on my USB flash drive and want to use it on various computers. Unfortunately if I start Eraser on other computers it is not included in WinExplorer context menu. Even if I go to erasers "Settings", then disable the checkbox "Intergrate Eraser into Windows Explorer", Save...
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    How to suppress prompt after dragging file to "Ersae Schedule"?

    Assume I open the "Erase Schedule" pane of Eraser and drag a file from WinExplorer (Win 7) onto it. then always a prompt pops up asking me if I want to - Erase the selected items - Create a new task - Cancel the operation How can I suppress this prompt and always automatically erase the...
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    v6.2 still not portable and NO dyn.on-demand WinExp integrat

    After having worked successfuly with old v5.8.8 for years I was disappointed about the v6.0 and switched to other eraser tools. Now I re-visited Heidi web pages and gave v6.2 a chance. But v6.2 is still NOT portable/runnable from USB flash drive. There is NO dynamic on-demand WindowsExplorer...
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    When will there be a portable version of Eraser?

    I would appreciate to have a portable version of Eraser for usage on various computers. Therefore I don't want to install the tool everywhere but run it on demand from USB stick. Such a portable version should offer on/off for the Win Explorer context menu entry of Eraser. When will such a...