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    Eraser Taking up over 20GB of DATA?????

    I am erasing a portable HD and my internal C: Drive (Eraser is install on) is 500GB. Before I tried to erase the 18GB folder on the portable HD I was sitting at a good 40GB of free space on C:.I just happened to go into My Computer and now I only have 14.2GB OF FREE SPACE?????? I am running...
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    Eraser and ESET Security Suite 4.0

    I do not see how I was not clear on my first post but whatever. All you need to do is have ESET running normally and then try to run Eraser and then Eraser will crash usually. If it (Eraser) doesn't crash it becomes a 3 way battle between ESET, Eraser and Windows. Windows will always lose and...
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    Eraser and ESET Security Suite 4.0

    I have ESET Smart Security Suite 4.0 with the latest definitions and when I run Eraser 6.0.7 conflicts with ESET Security Suite 4.0 with latest definitions. I have tried going in and disabling the Suite's active file scanning program so I can run the program. When the two collide Windows...