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    Eraser used with Sandboxie

    Whilst this is not a Sandboxie forum I suggest the following: For Eraser you just need to add a "New Task", then go to the "Add data" button, then click on the "Files in folder" and go to the folder that contains your Sanboxie default folder and use the Schedule function to do what you need...
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    Blocked by Windows Defender

    Thanks now sorted, I did tick the admin bit in trying to get it to work.
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    Blocked by Windows Defender

    I have disabled Windows Defender, but now Eraser is being blocked at startup by Vista's UAC (User Account Control) function. I would be loathed to disable UAC just to get Eraser to work from startup. I have been using Eraser for a few years now and never had this problem till upgrading to v6. I...
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    Blocked by Windows Defender

    Thanks, I uninstalled, downloaded Eraser and reinstalled. The problem still persists and when malwarebytes software was blocked it was resolved when they issued a Registry fix. The Windows Defender is blocking Eraser at StartUp. Windows defender shows the following info: Maybe the section...
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    Blocked by Windows Defender

    MS Windows Defender, is blocking Eraser version 6 at start up, details below. A similar problem existed with malwarebytes, but they created a .zip file containing an automated RegEdit to resolve the problem. ------------------------------------------- File Name: Eraser.exe Display Name: Eraser...
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    Erasing USB key Drives

    One possible solution to this issue could be to create multiple or single encrypted volumes (virtual container/drive/partition) on your USB pen drive, then just erase the volume. This should mean the volume and any of it's contents will not be recoverable. You can create volumes with the likes...
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    Wiping files with long names?

    I have had recurring problems getting rid of very long file names, often generated by use of AOL email services and posting comments on Newspaper sites, these file name often contained unique user names and account details. I fiddled around trying renaming the files, but kept getting error...