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    eraser does not delete directories

    yes, it's Donnerstag, xx. Februar 2010 xx:xx:xx Error The process cannot access the file 'C:\Y`!SW\' because it is being used by another process. "Y`!SW" is the renamed directory by eraser. Can you explain? Cheers
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    eraser does not delete directories

    hi when you right click on a directory and chose erase all the files in the directory will be deleted. the top directory looks to be renamed and ereaser does not delete it because it still looks for the original name. :cry: please advice beside this - this piece of software is great rgds
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    Eraser 6 RC 4 (Tray Icon)

    Hi @ll ! Where can I find the option to close down Eraser (and the Tray Icon too) after erasing some files via the context menu? Like it's in TrueCrypt (close after dismount container).. Thx @ lot.
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    Failed to Remove

    Hi I've wrote a Batchfile wich should erase my uTorrent Folder and then shutdown. For some reason it woint work. As I setup a clean Batchfile with only the one function to erase he tell me: eraserD: Failed to remove [My Location] This is my Script: @echo off SET...
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    scheduler question

    I did a batch of searching but I couldn't find an answer to my question. I've never used the scheduler before, only on demand, but I figured that I'd have it auto run at say 4 am to wipe free space of hdds. I'd just like to know, do I need to have eraser.exe running for the scheduler to...