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    Government can decode erased files anyway

    There is no evidence to suggest that any LEA can recover files that have been wiped xxx times so they can view the original file, even if they can, so what? If your using it for purposes that are illegitimate then shame on you.
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    Create partitions to erase

    If I have a 60GB disk is it safe enough to chop it up in to 10GB chunks and then erase like that, and then delete those partitions to form one large disk again? It takes so long erasing an entire disk.
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    Erasing USB key Drives

    It will work but your disk will die out quickly.
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    Saving time...

    I've got all my desing stuff moved on to another drive now but I need to wipe this disk as I will be giving it away for free, what is the quickest way to wipe and 80GB SATA? I hate waiting and was thinking of partitioning the drive into 10GB parts?
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    Erase locked files on boot

    I want to erase my firewall logs but I cannot due to them being in use, how do I make eraser erase these file son reboot or something?
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    Erase free space on memory stick?

    I have a Sony Cybershot camera and was thinking of experimenting with Eraser and the memory stick by erasing the free space. Will this harm my camera in any way if I do this? I did have an old memory stick I don't use any more but I cannot fond it to try it out on.
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    Is it possible restore data of the hard disk wiping by dban?

    No it's not possible to recover files that have been erased using DBAN.. not with software any way. I'm not sure if anything like an optical microscope would be much use because even if the files were there somewhere they would not be readable. As far as I know there is no public information...
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    EnCase recover file erased by Eraser 5.7 ?

    Why are so many people worried about this? The only time your gonna get that kinda software used on your hard disk is when you've been very naughty :(.
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    erasing eraser & deleted files

    Is BartPE a bit like a Linix Live CD? Cannot get on the site at the moment :0.
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    Eraser vs. Encase

    I agree with the above. I've always wondered why I see so many topics when it comes to privacy software like Eraser. 90% of the stuff I've seen are questions that are all pretty much the same about can product x defeat Encase or some type of forensic hardware. I think people take this kind a...
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    my personal method of destruction

    You an idiot giving advice to the most hated people on our universe. You also ignorant as well.
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    The truth about Overwriting patterns

    Don't quote me on this but I did hear (not sure of the source now) that those DoD, NSA, etc, methods were not approved for using on hard disks. Maybe I'm wrong?
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    AnalogX SuperShredder

    Sorry to bump and old thread. I just have to say that Analog X is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever come across. All of their applications are really poor. Half of the stuff don't even work properly. You can recover what that Analog shredder has erased.
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    Erasing pictures

    To be honest, there's no real safe way of removing data from a hard drive unless you physically destroy the hard drive correctly. If those pictures of your girlfriend are erased from your drive using Peter Gutmann's 35 pass method then your pretty safe. Your friend is right about data being...
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    just a few queries

    You'd have to use DBAN as Eraser doesn't wipe the hard disk, it only wipes files and cleans free space. Here's a few things to remember. 1. Backup any data you need on a CD or ZIP disk. 2. Make sure you defrag your hard disk before performing a DBAN wipe. 3. Delete any info you don't...
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    just a few queries

    DBAN securely wipes any hard drive it detects on your system. Kind of like a reformat but more secure. Eraser deletes files off your computer and writes over the file x amount of times (depending which method you use) so it cannot be recovered. When you install XP from either a DBAN wipe...
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    Is quick erase any good?

    All data can be recovered using specialist forensic hardware. A quick wipe may be OK but I cannot say for certain as I've never had to use DBAN. If you use XP/NT/2000 then someone using a tool such as an NTFS file recovery tool will probably be able to restore some files as an NTFS file recovery...
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    I might of not seen this option if it's there. How do I select which drive to nuke? Or do you not have choice?
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    MOD method

    What is the MOD method? The MOD method was built to wipe memory chips with 4 steps and not a 7 step hard drive wipe. What has been altered?