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    What is the best file recovering software to test Eraser?

    What is the best file recovering software... ? The ones used for computer forensics, top-notch state of the art software? Currently I'm using Recuva but I would like to know if there are better alternatives.
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    Recover deleted file using Eraser?

    I believe Eraser is the best utility out there... googling "best free wipe software" puts Eraser #1. ... tility.htm
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    Recover deleted file using Eraser?

    - Is Eraser only developed by one person? A forum user claims Joel made things worse?
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    Why does CCleaner only take 1hr to free wipe ~400GB?

    I used both Eraser and CCleaner to wipe my laptop hard drive with the same file erasure method. How come CCleaner takes only an hour, whereas Eraser takes upto 5-9 hrs using the same 1-pass (pseudorandrom) method with cluster tips enabled? What is Eraser doing that CCleaner isn't doing?
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    Recover deleted file using Eraser?

    Can anyone help me please? I deleted an important file and I carelessly right clicked on Recycle Bin and chose Eraser option. The default setting was Guttmann... any possible way to recover?
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    Recover deleted file using Eraser?

    I deleted a file using Eraser from Recycle Bin using Gutman method, is there any way I can recover it? It is an important file.
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    Is software shredding reliable?

    I work with many private and confidential information through a portable hard drive. Only until recently have I used encryption to protect the files I work with (Truecrypt). I've deleted all the files on the hard drive and used Eraser to shred the free space using DOD. Is it possible, even by...
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    Eraser Artifacts

    Seems like he works for the FBI... what is he stumbled upon? ... Itemid=153
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    Does Full Disk Wipe using DOD make the driver slower?

    I don't understand that statement. Will using Eraser and using full disk wipe using DOD increase the chance of the hard drive to malfunction?
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    Does Full Disk Wipe using DOD make the driver slower?

    OK. I heard that doing free wipe on local drives decreases the life expectancy of that particular drive. Is this true? And by how much degree is it affected? I've only done it once so far on my laptop which had 400GB free space.
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    [v5, v6] Isn’t Eraser only used by criminals?

    I find it hard to believe these programs could be helping child pornographers with hiding their criminal activity. Shouldn't the people behind Eraser have any moral sense when it comes to this? Programs like Truecrypt and Eraser are really making these type of people untouchable.
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    Does Full Disk Wipe using DOD make the driver slower?

    I did a full disk wipe on one my Ipod Nanos using DOD... it took couple of hours to wipe about 5 GB of free space. I noticed that when trying to copy files from Ipod to my C drive, it is extremely slow. It's sending at a rate of ~900kb/s. I don't know whether or not this was the regular rate or...