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    Path for ~ERAFSWD.TMP ? (erase unuser disk space)

    Hi, when i use the eraser tool to erase unused disk space, e.g. eraserl -disk c:\ method random 3 the tool creates a temporary folder called ~ERAFSWD.TMP, where files are stored in just write to whole drive full of random data and then to delete it afterwards. The folder is always...
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    URGENT: How does eraserl work in detail? (eraserl -disk d:)

    Hi, I am using eraser to erase the unused disk space on my hard drives c: and D: (command: eraserl -disk d:\) I am surprised that the time erase needs for one hard drive is always the same. e.g. I erase c:\ in 45 minutes then I start the erase job immediately (!) again and it takes...