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    Erasing USB key Drives

    Is this also true for USB MP3 players like Apple's Ipod Nano?
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    More than 12 PRNG passes less secure?

    Because I want to know and don't. Apart from that I want to erase my HDD securely but don't want to spend more time than necessary with it.
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    Checking CD/DVD-Rs

    Is there a tool to check whether deleted CD-RWs and DVD-RWs still hold recoverable date?
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    More than 12 PRNG passes less secure?

    Is it true that more than 12 random passes a less secure than 12? If so, why?
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    Random number generator

    Is there a difference between the cryptographically strong pseudo random number generator that Eraser uses and a ISAAC CSPRNG cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator?? If so, which one is better? I've also heard that there is a new method of securely deleting data from HDDs...