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    No new version planned?

    I'm not doubting what you're saying there Garrett, and I suppose as Eraser is a freeware product that we the users shouldn't be too demanding of or anything likewise, and it's a fine freeware product at that however there hasn't even been any "minor" updates to Eraser in quite some time (twelve...
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    No new version planned?

    I don't keep check on these forums as much as what I used to, and nowadays it's mainly to see if there is any Eraser "development" going on, and unfortunately it appears as if there isn't. SInce the release of v5.7 there have been numerous "bugs" mentioned, and also my pet peeve, the "toolbar...
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    Eraser damaged IE 6.0

    So, to clarify the situation exactly what were you guys doing with Eraser to end up "damaging" IE6? Were you trying to erase the cache or related? Were you just generally using Eraser on other files and somehow it's bunked up IE? Or were you doing a free-space wipe and then suddenly IE stopped...
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    New version

    Yeah that would be nice considering that it has months since I first highlighted the problem to Garrett, but then again the current emphasis with Heidi Computers seems to be on the products that make them money as opposed to continuing to bring out newer versions of Eraser which of course apart...
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    phpBB : Critical Error

    Server "downtime" perhaps?
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    Eraser v5.7 Toolbar Problem.

    Sorry to have to drag this hoary old chestnut back up again, however as there hasn't been a new release of Eraser in eons I'm just wondering if any "progress" has been made on fixing the 5.7 toolbar problem?
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    Uninstall older version needed to upgrade Eraser?

    Well yes the usual recommended path is to uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. I'm sure there are others out there who will tell you otherwise, so I'll leave the ball in your court. :wink:
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    PGP digital signature - ?

    Re: pgp for windows Well true, and that is why you use GPGshell. In fact a new version, v3.02 of it has not long been released. btw if you re-read my posting above, it is very easy to install both GnuPG and GPGshell. Ah yes but unfortunately no version prior to v8 of PGP will work properly...
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    Win95 Install Failure

    Personally I cannot inderstand why people keep using the original version of Windows95 anyhow, especially considering that they can quite easily pick up a copy of Win98 for next to nothing on eBay or similar. Seems to be a peculiar preoccupation with some. As for Eraser, well it doesn't cost...
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    Why do Opera traces end up in IE temp folder??

    What I was also going to suggest is Windows Explorer itself records data within the index.dat files as well. This is especially true if you have Windows XP, as it has in-built viewers for graphic files, icons, movies and videos etc., information which gets recorded there whenever you open one of...
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    Remove index.dat w/ WinClean!!

    I dunno, I've used IE for the past couple of years, both unpatched and patched (from Windows Update) on quite a few websites (too numerous to mention), and haven't experienced any "security woes". Active X could be a nuisance, but I usually decline any invitations to install software from...
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    Remove index.dat w/ WinClean!!

    Whatever floats your boat. If you prefer to just be a "Guest" (because you use Mozilla), and not reap the benefits of being a registered user on these forums (being able to Edit your postings to correct mistakes springs to mind), then sure go for it. Personally I have nothing against people...
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    Installation of Eraser causes Explorer to hang/crash

    It is disabled by default, but unfortunately to the many non-techies out there, it has that sort of "cool feature" sound about it, so people automatically click it as an option and then forget about it, believing that it has to be enabled in order to reap the complete benefits from Eraser.
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    Remove index.dat w/ WinClean!!

    Unless you've been living in a shack on a deserted island somewhere most people are quite aware of the other browser alternatives like Mozilla. Unfortunately though, and as our "Guest" friend here would testify to, Mozilla doesn't like the PHP script which runs these Heidi forums, in fact if you...
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    PGP digital signature - ?

    You need PGP installed in order to read those files. There is a freeware version of PGP called appropriately enough, PGP Freeware, which used to be produced by McAfee or somebody similar. Unfortunately the latest version is very limited as to what it can and cannot do, as I guess they want you...
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    Erases Index.dat on Reboot ??

    Windows XP has no DOS mode, so I'll assume that you tried to "erase" the index.dat files whilst in Windows. In which case you do know that the index.dat files are "locked" by Windows, and unless a program has a specific function to unlock the index.dat files and then either delete them or erase...
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    Eraser Beginner needs help on installing

    Actually whilst we're on the topic, and especially if you're not sure about whether you want to try Spider or not, then here's another (free) program which will delete index.dat files and clear all internet related data that is stored on your PC. System Security Suite can be found here...
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    Eraser Beginner needs help on installing

    Oh it does delete the index.dat files, in fact that is one of Spider's primary functions. When you run it it will scan for and find all index.dat files which are stored on your PC, and then when it deletes them it will restart Windows. Trust me I know because I used to use Spider a while back...
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    Upgrading Eraser's Boot and Nuke

    The last version of Eraser to be released was 5.7, and it contains DBAN v1.0.1. You should be able to v1.0.2 effectively without any problems after installing Eraser v5.7. DBAN is installed in the Eraser\Boot\ directory, so all you need to do is pop v1.0.2 into that one.
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    Eraser Beginner needs help on installing

    I donot know if I made soem mistake or whta or if the index.bat file regenerates itrslef I foudnthat after reboting also. Well that's what happens, as Windows will regenerate the index.dat files because Internet Explorer uses them. That's why any overwriting (as in overwriting the free space...