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    errors: did not have its cluster tips erased

    I erased unused/free space and at the end got am message informing me that it had completed albeit with errors. I checked the log. Some are in red and are classed as Error, whilst others are in black and classed as Information. I have had a quick glance through these (it looks like there could...
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    Running Eraser on XP Service Pack 2?

    I erased unused disk space but got a message saying completed with errors. Is it possible these were caused by me not having service pack 2? I just noticed on eraser website that it is compatible only with service pack 3.
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    What does Erase Unused Space do?

    I want to sell my computer and so ran a fresh install of Windows XP using the built in Windows Complete Recovery option (i.e. I do not have and so did not install using a CD). This overwrote the previous Windows installation. I am quite paranoid and I am also aware that this option does not...