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    What is actually erased when I erase the recycle bin?

    Using logic I would assume it is the files themselves that are being erased. Try putting a large file into recycle-bin and erase recycle bin. It takes a long time compared to when a smaller file is in there. If only pointers were being erased this would not take such a long time. Only...
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    a few upper level questions please help

    1. Date & time is stored on your motherboard in the CMOS and is backed up by a watch type battery. Windows (and linux etc) pull the date & time from here not your hard drive. 2. Dont know. 3. Probably Encase. Other more informed people will no doubt give you better answers.
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    Adjusting the reading arm

    I have no links to such papers. I do not even know if such papers exist. This was mearly hearsay on another forum (file sharing site forum). Here is a paste of the text. The guy seems to be acknowledging the problem of older drives which is not now a problem, but then alluding to something...
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    Adjusting the reading arm

    Apologies that I do not have a link for this...but I read on another forum that data on a hard drive can "leak" onto side tracks, and that some hard drives can be manipulated so that the reading arm can be adjusted to read this leaked data. This is apparently one tecnique used by companies like...