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    Can not erase unused space

    OK. Good luck figuring it out. Is there any info on those files I can get that would help? Fair enough. But how (why?) did 5.8.8 do it? Also: Thanks :)
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    Can not erase unused space

    So... that would mean it thinks my C:\ is sparse, encrypted or compressed, since that's the parent folder... but that doesn't make any sense either, because there are a lot of random files sitting around in C:\ and they don't show up as problems in the log... Ahhh. Got it. Are we talking about...
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    Version 5.8

    You could always do some basic checks. Erase stuff and then try using a recovery program to find it. My experience (in the last couple of days) has been that 5.8.8 works a lot better on win7 x86 then the stable 6 release (which, while it doesn't crash, doesn't actually erase for me). I used...
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    Can not erase unused space

    Eraser (the stable release on the downloads page) does not seem to erase unused disk space on Windows 7. Basic Info: Attempted US DOD 3passes. After running its status was "Completed With Errors". I ran this with 20GB of free space on a 465GB drive with 250,000 files and it...