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    Erase IE history on Reboot

    If you are doing the erase on bootup, then using eraserd the correct syntax should be: C:progra~1erasereraserd -allfiles F: -passes 3 or something similar
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    Erase IE history on Reboot

    Im just curious, on your f: partition, what are the names of the folders you are trying to erase? You mention you use F:a"-subfolders, is the "a" the name of the root folder or something?
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    how to erase filenames in windows media player 9

    Ad-aware: Mru Blaster: SpyBot S&D: Enjoy [:)]
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    Location Bar in IE

    Also if you want to clear the typed entries for AutoComplete, then goto Internet Tools - Content - AutoComplete and hit the Clear Forms button. Fiend, of course this is an entirely optional idea, however I use a program called MTU Blaster, and amongst its many functions is an option to clear...
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    New Product - NoTrax

    quote:Originally posted by Scott The main thing that keeps me from using it, though, is the fact that the very sites I want to be kept private are the ones that <AHEM> lend themselves to a "tabbed browsing experience". [}:)] He he, a nods as good as a wink to a blind man. [;)] The...
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    New Product - NoTrax

    quote:Originally posted by Scott NoTrax is a great idea, and Im off to check it out. I sort of wish I had spent my $20 Eraser contribution on a NoTrax registration instead. [:p] NoTrax isnt too bad, however it certainly isnt an everyday browser replacement for IE (yet). What I am...
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    New Product - NoTrax

    Well it sounds good, and by the sounds of things it would probably be really good on a mofified system (98lite with IE removed) perhaps.
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    Trojan Horse in Download from this site

    Maybe somebody should contact SourceForges Phoenix host and ask them to replace the copy they have with a new one.
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    New Product - NoTrax

    So is NoTrax a standalone browser, or is it one of those IE dependent shells (needing certain "system files" in place in order to render HTML). Also do you have any screenshots up of it in action?
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    Actually as far as MRU clearing and cleaning is concerned, I use and recommend MRU Blaster, as it is more thorough than Spybot S&D is. MRU Blaster can be found here:
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    Files To Wipe II

    Your kidding right? Well if you aint, then I have to say that WIndows 9x is much simpler to look after than Windows2000/XP, the reason being is 2000/XP stores data in a lot more places than 9x. As for 9x and index.dat files, just look under the c:windows... hierachy. That is where the Temp...
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    Stealthy Update to Eraser - v5.6a

    This is mainly for those of us who downloaded v5.6 just after it was released (Dec.16 2002), I was just poking around on Sourceforge and I noticed this in regards to the latest version of Eraser that is available from there: Release Name: Eraser56 Notes: V5.6a 19-Jan-2003 Very minor upgrade...
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    System Restore - WinME

    Thats an odd problem. I use Windows XP, and I have never had a problem with System Restore like that. When Eraser does the free space wipe, all it does is it fills up the free space on the harddrive with *.tmp files, and then deletes and overwrites them according to how many overwrites you...
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    Eraser goes out of control!

    quote:Originally posted by Scott I installed from the archive named "", but the about box shows "". Actually v5.5.2 is the same version as v5.5.1, but with the version number fixed up (soas the actual version number of the program is the same as the one mentioned...
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    Eraser goes out of control!

    That sure is an odd problem. I am using Windows XP (Home Edition), with SP1 installed, and I cannot duplicate the same situation. In fact Ive never had a problem with Eraser blowing up files like that. But then again I dont have encrypted drives or anything like that in place, just a regular...
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    Files to Wipe

    Euroboy, apart from what Scott has mentioned here, another article which may be of interest to you is here: ... 20402a.htm It mainly covers the location of the ubiquitous "index.dat" files, which are spread out all over the place, and may contain hidden...
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    Goofy Eraser toolbar

    Actually to compare the latest version of Eraser (and its wacky toolbar icons) to v5.3, heres a screenshot of v5.3 I found: ... t=1&ID=161
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    Goofy Eraser toolbar

    Yeah I noticed that too. The toolbar "icons" are not depictions of the actual functions of the buttons themselves. The tooltips however describe the actual function, but the pictures do not. Same with the right-click context menu within the main part of the program itself. Looks like its time...