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    Eraser + Antivirus Programs

    Most antivirus programs have an option to clean out their quarantine folders after a certain # of days, I'd just let that handle deleting the zip files, since as you said antivirus software has measures in place to make sure that it does not get disabled and whatnot. Worst case, temporarily...
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    error files wont delete

    What is the file system of your R drive?
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    Fresh install of says a new version is available

    Re: Fresh install of says a new version is avail I'm still having this problem as well, but assuming the fix will come in 6.0.11 or something.
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    No default erasing method

    Have you installed the latest version on there? does it work? what if you do an uninstall before installing the latest?
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    Eraser doesn't work.?

    Eraser works. If you used it to erase the files, Recuva won't be able to recover them. Try to recover a file you erased with Eraser as a test. Recuva just reads the MFT so it knows that that file used to exist, and where it used to be on the hard drive, but since Eraser overwrote it, it won't...
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    Is it working?

    if the folder disappeared, eraser probably did it. I believe by default if a task runs successfully, it will remove itself from the list. you could always download something like Recuva to scan your computer to see if the files are recoverable or not.
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    Please help.

    How did you use Eraser to wipe your old computer? If you somehow wiped the entire hard drive with darik's boot and nuke CD, then it won't start up by itself. or if you used the Eraser installed on your PC to erase critical system files, that will stop it from booting as well.
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    Complited with errors: File names are too long

    What was the original path to the files that first failed? Have you tried to uninstall Eraser then reinstall it?
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    Strange big files created after disk space delete

    I know this happened in an older version because it used a character in the randomly generated names that Windows didn't like, so when it would go back to delete all the files it created when wiping, it would fail or hang (it's been a while can't remember exactly) but I believe they took that...
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    Joel, you still working on Eraser?

    I know the last few times I posted, you said free time was scarce, so was just wondering if you were still working on this project or had moved on to other things. I noticed 6.0.10 is still the latest, and it still constantly offers the update to the same version even though it's already installed.
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    Install process needs to update files in use

    Hi David. I installed the 6.0.10 release from May or something I think it was, the last stable, not one of the nightlies. It was a window that popped up via the installer, saying that the installation is trying to update files opened by the following programs, do i want to ignore, exit, or...
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    Install process needs to update files in use

    Just realized I wasn't using the latest version of Eraser, so decided to upgrade. But when i ran the installer, it told me i needed to close Outlook, Firefox, etc because some files it needed to update were in use. Why would Eraser need to update files in use by common programs such as...
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    Possible to just erase cluster tips and MFT

    Yeah, I guess my request of say only erasing the MFT would be more "security by obscurity" by making recovery efforts harder than geared toward more total security. Guess I was thinking more if there was a file or something that stayed resident in the MFT that contained confidental info, the...
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    Possible to just erase cluster tips and MFT

    I know when you schedule a free disk space eraser you can have it do the cluster tips, and at the end of a free disk space wipe it always does the MFT at the end (I think erasing records of files that no longer exist, is that correct?) But say I wanted to do only the cluster tips and the MFT...
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    Eraser and OSX Boot Camp XP

    I have a Mac that I'm going to use BootCamp on so I can boot the Mac as a Windows machine. I believe BootCamp will make an NTFS partition to install Windows on to. Has anyone tried to use Eraser in this setup? What was your experience?
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    Does erasing a file also make previous files unrecoverable

    Re: Does erasing a file also make previous files unrecoverab Right, I'm purely talking theoretical here, I know there's no easy way to tell what files get overwritten totally by other ones. I was more curious if, in theory, using an oversimplified example, if file A was written to sectors 1-4...
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    Does erasing a file also make previous files unrecoverable

    Does erasing a file also make previous files unrecoverable? so would i be correct in saying if a file is erased, files that were previously stored in there entirety on the exact same spots of the hard drive as that erased file are therefore made unrecoverable due to the secure erasing of the...
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    Does erasing a file also make previous files unrecoverable

    Say I erase a file named 1.mp3, which just happens to have overwritten the same spots on the hard drive that files abc.mp3 and def.mp3 used to exist but were deleted by normal deletion. By securely erasing 1.mp3, does that also make abc.mp3 and def.mp3 unrecoverable as well since they were on...
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    On demand erasing fails if you disable startup item

    This worked fine in 6.0.6, but gives an error in 6.0.7. What I do on my computer is since I already have around 20 things in my system tray is disable the eraser startup entry, because I never schedule erasures, I only need it on occassion for on demand erasings. With 6.0.6 the only drawback...