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  1. Patrick

    Erasing SSD's

    Hello, Can Eraser be used to securely wipe/erase SSD's? I've researched the web on this subject in general, and many say they can't be erased like an HDD but that you can erase them using some (to me) very complex methods. It's very confusing for a non-IT person like me.
  2. Patrick

    Windows 7 64 Bit: "Completed with Errors"

    Thanks David! I realized when I went to that post that it was the same one I had found before, but I had forgotten one step, and that was to: "first close the running instance of Eraser by right-clicking on the small Eraser icon in the System Tray at the right hand end of the Taskbar and...
  3. Patrick

    Windows 7 64 Bit: "Completed with Errors"

    I forgot to mention that the Task Log says: "The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk. Run the program as an administrator and retry the operation." Done that, but alas to no avail.
  4. Patrick

    Windows 7 64 Bit: "Completed with Errors"

    Hello! I am new to Eraser, and I just downloaded last week. As indicated, I am using Windows 7 with 64 Bit (a Compaq laptop). When I tried to clean up unused disk space, I immediately got the message saying "Completed with errors". I found a post the other day where someone had...