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    Eraser stops at 90%

    Have you tryed to run a free space wipe more than once, does it stop on the same file. Is this file big, could the file be corupt. Have you done a sfc/scannow or a chkdsk to make sure that the .dll files are not corrupt and the HD files are all in order. If that is all in order maybe something...
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    Erasing Deleted Emails - Microsoft Outlook 2007

    I Erase the Trashfolder and Sent folder in Thunderbird, the folder in the user interface disapears but re appears when you delete a email to the trash. I haven't tryed it in outlook, but it should be similar. Hunting for the right file with the right email address on it (when you try it do it...
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    C:/ is full after erase of unused space

    Use the command prompt and type chkdsk/R...R as in recover any data that was lost, then after that scan finishes type in chkdsk (you get a 3 stage scan in read only mode) and see what it says just what kind of error the HDs have. It will probably say to do a chkdsk/F...F as in fix, if you do a...
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    After erase unused disk space, 40 GB directory is created

    Eraser is suspposed to clean-up after itself and delete the garbage file/s at the end of it cycle, that is if it is not interruped. At the end you are suspposed to get a report telling you how much was writen and in how many seconds, but you can cancell that report in general options.
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    Eraser Plugin Setting

    You should be able to change the Erasing setting, after you change the erasing method are you clicking ok and not just Xing the dialoge box . What operating System are you using, try looking in the registry for "Heidi". Do a computer search for any Heidi Eraser file and be careful what you...
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    CCleaner steps it up a notch

    Not necessarily, you select the "Targets". Ccleaner just makes the "Targets" available to be cleaned, weather or not the "Targets" are selected is your choice.
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    Eraser (stable) Released

    I thank you for releasing Eraser and for your hard work.
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    Does Eraser Remove Windows

    No Eraser doesn't remove the operating System, but you can mis-set Eraser and make a mistake. That is why you should read the instructions included with Eraser before doing any Erasing of files.
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    after 5 days of process stopped at 45%

    If you are doing a freespace Erase it shouldn't take 5 days for 45%, what erasing method are you using, what operating system are you using.
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    Erasing Rycle Bin Problem

    I had this problem a couple of years ago, I dragged the file to the desk top and erased it then the next file I deleted to the recycle bin registered correctly with Eraser. You could also try un installing Eraser deleting the heidi folder in the registry then re installing Eraser.
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    Eraser 5.8.8-beta1 Released

    I think you are right but since Joel is doing all the work it is up to him if 5.8.8 Final is ready. A word how close 5.8.8 release is wouldn't go amiss ether. :)
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    CCleaner steps it up a notch

    Ccleaner is a good prouduct like Eraser CCleamer is used when you remove software, like doing a clean up of your room to straighten things up. Eraser is used to remove files by overwriting targeted files.
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    Eraser (rc-5) Released

    Will there be a on demand section and a place where you can make up your own erase method and a shutdown option like in the 5.XX series. Last night I tried a freespace wipe. Eraser ran for about a minute then on the UI it said finished with errors. I wanted to findout why Eraser stoped so soon I...
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    Potentially disastrous bug?

    I don't think it has anything to do with Eraser, Windows XP was totally inaccessible to me also but I did have a backup on a USB external drive. What caused this was Orbit Downloader, the night before I had to stop a driveby download which Orbit downloader didn't want to stop downloading and I...
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    Why eraser leaves so many 0kb files ?

    Did you interrupt Eraser before it was finished, Eraser removes all of the 0kb files it creates at the very end of its free space wipe. To erase all those 0kb files simplely re run Eraser and let it run all the way to the end, the default setting is to give you a report or you can re configure...
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    Acces Denied

    One reason Access is denied to a file is is if it is being accessed by another process.
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    Eraser 5.8.7-beta 4 Standard and Portable

    About v6 I have have problem and I think it might be caused by .NET 3.5 the whole line where the file menu goes disapeared and is replaced by a white space, and it keeps asking Eraser.exe keeps asking for access to the monitor even though I gave it complet access in Firewall Comodo 3.5.57173.439.
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    NTFS partition crash (boot sector damaged)

    Re read my post, not the same but a similar problem. It's not like you to be unsure :D
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    NTFS partition crash (boot sector damaged)

    If not the first and last 2KB bug than what I have 2 WD 120 Gig drives and had a similar problem. I may have over reacted but misiek_to_ja doesn't mention what version of Eraser he used.
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    NTFS partition crash (boot sector damaged)

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is anyone to use "Only First and Last 2K" option, it should have been removed long ago but somehow wasn't. Search this forum for details.