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    Recoverable info in temp folder (~ERAFSWD.TMP)?

    Is there any useful or recoverable information in the temp folder (~ERAFSWD.TMP) created by Eraser? (i.e. if the folder is left in place for some reason from an interrupted wipe, is there any security consequence other than disk space being used up?) Also, would the temp folder (~ERAFSWD.TMP)...
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    Warning! Possible serious bug.

    I wasn't deliberately erasing the links. One of two things happened: 1. Somehow I did actually erase the contents of the burn folder. (This is easy to avoid doing in the future.) -or- 2. When the CD writing wizard threw away the list of files in the CD burn folder, and the recycling...
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    Warning! Possible serious bug.

    I just burned a lot of data to CD in Windows XP. Later, every file in the original hard drive location that was burned to CD became zero length and unusable! What a disaster! I have lost thousands of files! I don't recall erasing anything in the CD burning folder, either. As best as I can...