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    V6 options? and V6.1.0.2154?

    Thank you, I will reinstall 6 so I can read it. Respectfully - Dave Kleiman
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    V6 options? and V6.1.0.2154?

    Hi David, Where do I obtain the manual? Respectfully - Dave Kleiman
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    V6 options? and V6.1.0.2154?

    Hello, Did V6 lose the option to create your own erase patterns? I have a Eraser V6.1.0.2154 that is from May 2010, yet the website shows V6.0.8 is the latest version released in Nov 2010, when I try to install v6.0.8 it says newer version already installed. Where did the V6.1.0.2154 come...
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    Eraser vs Disk investigator... 0-1?

    They are stored in the .DAT or .sqlite files for your particular browser or software that you used download them, as well as they may appear in the registry. That is why you are most likely seeing them, not because they are still on your hard drive, unless of course you did not erase properly...
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    35 Pass Question

    One pass of Zer0s will do, anything more than that is just wearing on your time, patience, and the life of your hard drive. Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy Respectfully - Dave Kleiman