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    The future of the DBAN forum

    I'm not sure where to post this, but thought it would be better here rather than in the DBAN forum itself where it may be overlooked. I've noticed that recently people have been asking support questions for DBAN and haven't had any replies. In the past I've tried to help out where I can but I...
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    erasing my dell m1330

    Hi Richard Sorry that you haven't had any response as yet. Can I suggest that you ask your questions over at the official DBAN forum which is I'm going to suggest to the moderators that they lock this particular forum to new posts and...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    Good to hear you finally got the hard drive wiped and you can now sell your PC!
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    For the love of god do I need some help here please.

    have a look at this from the official DBAN support forum: ... _id=208932 The person was trying to find the ISO from the file he had downloaded but in actual fact the downloaded file WAS the ISO. I don't know if that applies to yourself but I know...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    each round is a complete wipe of the hard drive so if you quit after 5 rounds you have wiped the hard drive 5 times. All you need to do is run one blanking pass after that, rather than DoD short, which is another three passes. There is an option for the blanking pass in the interactive wipe...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    yeah, sorry, I meant 8 rounds of one pass - it overwrites the disk from start to finish and when it has done that it starts all over again and does that for the amount of times selected in the rounds. So for 8 rounds it would perform the whole operation 8 times. After all that it then runs a one...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    that sounds far too slow as well. The throughput slows down as the program runs so it sounds like it will slow to a crawl at some point Which DBAN version are you using? The 29 April 2007 beta or the v2.0 pre-release version? If the latter, try the other (29 April 2007) beta version. I...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    I would run it in interactive mode if I were you, it's easier to set up the method and number of passes you want to run. That tutorial can also be used then as it's written for interactive mode. I've never used DBAN from the command line so I wouldn't have a clue how to run it like that. I...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    I haven't seen the new release of DBAN but assuming it's much the same layout as before the PRNG choice should be on the same screen as all the other methods (eg Dod 3 pass, DoD 7 pass). Choosing that will (I think) take you to another screen to choose the PRNG method (there may be 3 choices...
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    it will be fine. The Beta (April 29, 2007 beta) never made it as a stable release (from what I can see) because the author decided to concentrate on his commercial version of DBAN and put the DBAN project on the back burner. There is a DBAN 2 pre-release (the one you are referring to), never...
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    finished the gutmann, now when i install windows xp, reset

    I can't see how DBAN would have caused this but I would suggest that you ask the question again over at the official DBAN forum as the program creator provides support over there:
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    Dban Non-fatal Error on Toshiba laptop

    try using the beta version released last April ... p_id=61951 It might work better (I used this version on my Toshiba laptop a few weeks ago, version 1.0.7 wouldn't work at all). The other alternative is that the disk might have bad sectors. If...
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    win 95 msvcr80.dll is linked to missing export kernel32.dll

    Re: eraser for win 95 version 5.3 is still available from the original developer of Eraser. It was released about 3 years or so before 5.7, perhaps it may work for you without the patch problem. remember that it is a 7 year old program that you will be attempting to install...
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    What does 32 - 64 bit mean

    if your computer is 64 bit it says so on that My Computer - Properties - General tab. If it just says (for example) Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition (Year) then it is 32 bit. The 64 bit has Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Year). An alternative way is to click (works for XP...
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    Down load to disk

    it's DBAN that you need, if you want to completely wipe the hard drive (including the operating system and everything else on there, including personal data). You can burn an ISO image to disk but you will need burning software. DBAN available from: It...
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    Erase Methods

    my preferred method is just a one pass PRNG. I see little reason for doing more than that. I run that once or twice a week. Once a month, on what I call my "computer maintenance day", along with running AVG anti-virus check, a-squared scan, spybot scan and registry optimisation I also run a...
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    Deletes Tasks

    Eraser version 5.7 was never able to delete the IE history. The later versions of Eraser can do this by deleting it at startup. IE locks its files and those files can't be deleted by running eraser (or any other similar program) without a computer restart first (after running the eraser...
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    $NtUninstallKB(number)$ files

    Trying to explain what cluster tips are and what a cluster tip wipe is, isn't the easiest thing in the world. The help file in the Eraser program explains what cluster tips are: "Cluster To be able to keep track of the data on a partition, the file system divides each partition...
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    QUIK methode 0 pass

    The Quick Method is one pass of zeros (0). It's a bit confusing, the 0 pass refers to the zeros (0) that are written to the hard drive, but the method is one pass. In fact only one pass can be used with the Quick Method - unlike other methods it isn't customisable (eg with the pseudorandom...
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    QUIK methode 0 pass

    the 0 pass is literally a pass with 0 (zero). The 0 pass is a blanking pass - literally 0 is written to every sector on the hard drive, effectively blanking the disk.