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    Wiping files with long names?

    Have you tried eraserl.exe? It still pops up windows though unless you tell it to be quiet.
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    Wiping files with long names?

    Has there been a version of Eraser that didn't support long file names? You're not using the DOS version are you?
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    How secure is....

    I'm personally convinced overwriting once is secure enough for pretty much any purpose. I mean, if you routinely need better security than that, you should use full disk encryption.
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    How I use Eraser -- logoff and shutdown scripts

    IMO, this information should be added to the help file, or the FAQ. Is anyone listening?
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    Eraser Launcher Found No Index.dat Files to Erase

    You must tell Eraser the full path to the file you wish to erase instead of just typing in "index.dat".
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    Is there size limitations, Data Vertification, Bootablevia

    Try the help file. Also, if you have technical questions not answered anywhere, you can always read the source code.
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    What are the hard drive compatabilities for the eraser 5.7

    If the drive is recognized by the operating system, you can use Eraser on it.
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    Error: Failed to clean directory entries from drive C

    This error message means that Eraser found something it wasn't expecting from the file system while trying to overwrite the file name, and decided not to proceed any further in order to prevent file system corruption. Unless you received further errors, the file itself was successfully...
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    Eraser possibly causing BIOS errors

    Eraser cannot damage the BIOS. Besides, if the BIOS was actually corrupted, the computer most likely wouldn't boot at all. Instead, it seems that Eraser has triggered one of Microsoft's copy protection schemes, which now thinks you are trying to use the operating system on another computer, thus...
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    Question about Administrator rights

    Yes, you can use Eraser without Administrator privileges. However, I remember there being a problem with "eraser.exe" insisting on using the same "default.ers" file for all users. This doesn't matter if you only use the shell extension though. I'm not sure about that, but an easier solution...
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    Erasing unused space issue?

    Are you using v5.7? Does this happen if you disable file name erasing when overwriting the unused disk space? If it does, then it sounds like a problem with your hardware, or the operating system. Eraser creates a fairly big I/O load when overwriting the unused disk space, which may trigger this...
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    How do u use eraser 5.7

    Not only does the program come with a fairly comprehensive help file, but there is also a quick start guide ( on the web site, which has been mentioned a couple of times in previous posts.
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    problem erasin unused disk space

    Have you tried running scandisk?
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    eraser in Windows XP Pro 64bit edition

    From the lack of responses, I'd say nobody involved in Eraser development has a 64-bit Windows box yet.
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    Eraser 5.7 and all things considered

    Re: indeed When it comes to choosing overwriting patterns, the file system you use makes absolutely no difference. Also, I doubt anyone here is using hard drives from the early 1990's anymore, so there really is no reason to use anything but pseudorandom data for erasing.
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    Eraser 5.7 and all things considered

    That's strange, but if you quit the program and then delete the "default.ers" file, I'd say there's very little chance of that happening again the next time.
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    Option for restart Eraser at offset? Non-blocking minimizati

    Sorry, there's no option to abort and restart an operation. If you don't want the Explorer to block, don't use the shell extension for the longer operations. Use the On-Demand eraser instead.
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    Failure with handling files with cyrillic/russian chars

    This is because Eraser isn't built with Unicode support, no doubt.
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    Grrr forget something

    There's an option in the preferences for this. Or if you're using "eraserl.exe", use the "-silent" parameter.
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    The Log says: 'Failed to erase unused space..."

    It's explained in the help file. And the FAQ.