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    I know there are ways to clear these hidden areas on hard disks---but why? Under normal circumstances, no user data is written to these areas; most of the content is system/hardware-related information placed by manufacturers, correct?
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    Is there any reason I shouldn't be using r2247?

    I downloaded the latest Eraser nightly build for the secure move feature, but ended up going back to the latest stable version because secure move didn't seem to work. Unfortunately, I didn't read about the issues about going back a step---the stable version crashes upon startup now. Deleting...
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    Best Programs to Test Eraser's Reliability?

    Is there a list of the best recovery programs out there to test how well Eraser is doing its job? I currently only use Recuva, but I see many different names thrown around in these forums. I just downloaded EnCase because apparently a lot people into forensics use this software, but it looks to...