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    Weird Eraser Problem

    Thanks Overwriter. I have done what you suggested and installed the beta. However, that did not solve the issue I am having. There seems to be no difference between the beta version and 2.84 Let me try and explain what is going on. Whenever I try to erase a directory, Eraser's results...
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    Weird Eraser Problem

    Whenever I erase I folder with files in it, it doesn't matter what the files that are being erased are, there is always a weird problem with Eraser. When erasing via the context menu, that folder's contents do get erased. However, the folder does not, in fact, after erasing, files that were...
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    How long to wipe unused space

    That's impossible to answer unless you tell us what wiping method you are planning on using. Are you using a built-in one or a custom one?
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    Silent Install, Remove Contextmenu

    Yes, you can turn off all cotext menus. Just start Eraser, go to Edit < Preferences < General, then under Shell Extension uncheck the option box.
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    Sensitive Data Deletion - A couple of queries

    That could work. But there is a slim chance of programs like Restoration and Recuva, recovery programs, still being able to see and recover the old data. My advice here would be to nuke the entire disk and then revert to the factory defaults. I would er on the side of caution here.
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    Sensitive Data Deletion - A couple of queries

    If you nuke your disk and get rid of everything then reinstall XP, it'll have the same functions as a basic, noncustomized, installation; such as calculator paint, notepad, etc.
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    Sensitive Data Deletion - A couple of queries

    That's a really hard question to answer without knowing any specifics about your system software. My adice would be to create a nuke CD, the builder was installer with Eraser, and use that on the entire drive. Yes, tat will delete everything. You would then need to install everything for the...
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    It is not a good idea to but c:\ in the on demand shredder. The best way to erase individual files and/or folder is to use the context menus, accessable by right-clicking.
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    I Wanna know If Erasing The C:\ Will Erase Everything?Get It

    Let me see if I can help you. If you are just trying to erase individual files and/or folders then the best way to do that would be to use the context menu, accesable by right clicking on that file or folder (or drive). If you have no erase option there then you need to enable those options in...
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    eraserl command line

    I'm afraid you will not be able to user Eraserl with the method you want. The command line version connot be configured to use anything other that Gutmann, DoD, DoD_E, Random Passes, or Library. The closest thing I can suggest is that you use this command: C:\Program...
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    a quick question before i download :)

    I'm not quite sure what you mean here, but I can take a shot at answering your question. Eraser does have the option to erase free space from a drive, that will effectively erase everything that has been deleted without touching current (no deleted) data. Is that what you wanted? To do this...
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    A couple questions

    Is anyone able to help me here? I would very much appreciate if someone would.
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    A couple questions

    I have a couple of question that I wasn't able to find the answers to anywhere else. I like to add custom context menu ectensions for a lot things Eraser related. 1. What command line switches do I use to enable Eraser to use a custom erase method, one that has not been supplied as an...
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    Quick Launch shortcuts

    I'm not sure the icon has anything to do with the context menu not functioning. I have changed the icons but it did not help. I should mention that I use a program called True Launch Bar.
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    Quick Launch shortcuts

    I think I may have discovered a bug within Eraser. It seems that if you create a shortcut on quick launch to 'my computer,' where all your drives are listed, the context menu extensions for Eraser no longer fuction. This is not a problem in any other area that I can tell; every other context...
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    Erase method via console

    The DoD method is the one you want. I've added two options to the context menu; Shred File and Shred Folder. Here is the reg entry you can you can import if you want. I hope you find it helpful
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    Eraser 5.83 beta bug

    I can verify this. It happened to me running XP.