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  1. looney

    USB Hard disk

    @overwriter WinHex looks fantastic (thanks for that), but isn't free. Anything similar that is free? I've looked at most of the free recovery stuff, and haven't liked any of it. Anyway, just hoping you might know one I missed. Other wise I may just spring for winhex.
  2. looney

    Failure to Clean Directory Message

    I got the following message when trying to clean freespace on a disk drive. I am using eraser 5.7 on windows 2000. The drive is a fat32 system with windows 95 on it attached as drive H:. It was not in anyway active in an operating system sense. And, the only open application was explorer...
  3. looney

    USB Hard disk

    I read somewhere that eraser didn't work well with usb drives. I just want to be sure that refers to USB Flash (like) drives, not USB attached Hard disks. As for recovery software, I just want to know the best free undelete software out there. For two reasons. First, to undelete when I...
  4. looney

    USB Hard disk

    Are there issues with USB hard disks, or are people confusing them with the USB flash drives? Also, what is the free best recovery software to use? Thanks
  5. looney

    Which Version?

    I see there are issues with 5.84 free space--- should I just start with 5.7? I need free space, cluster tips, and swap file features to work flawlessly. I'm running win2000 on one machine, winXP on another (P4's on both) and have one disk that is FAT32 Thanks