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  1. user7

    Privacy under Windows platform.

    Hello back! Sorry for taking so long, but i was very busy lately. So, as i promised, i made a forum on a free domain with this taboo subject: Privacy under Windows platform. It's only basic settled so i need people with the same concerns as me in achieving high privacy to help with the settings...
  2. user7

    Privacy under Windows platform.

    Hi DavidHB. In fact, i will take your suggestion in consideration,because i though at this too, and form next week (depending on how much time i will have available) i will provide a separate forum on this topic :D Hi Undesirable. Concerning , well, this should be as standard in any privacy...
  3. user7

    Privacy under Windows platform.

    Having the fact that Eraser is after all a privacy tool, i think that this is the wright place for the next thing: Because, as many of us already know, Windows platforms are a privacy nightmare and because there are few places were we can find valuable informations and easy to apply and not at...
  4. user7

    erase unused space

    Hello all! First of all, i want to thank you for this great little but powerful program! I've used it for 3 years and it performed just as it should, although, I'm currently using the 5.8.7 version, not 6, because i had problems with that one and i des-installed it. I'm sure that you will fix...