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    segmentation fault

    I received the following error? message after wiping my hard drive using prng stream 8 rounds. Segmentation fault unable to handle kernel null pointer dereference at virtual address..... then there are strings of numbers. did the wipe work? I usually get a message saying everything went well?
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    compare prng 8 vs eraser 35

    I would like to know if I get the same level of security-high-using prng 8 times vs eraser guttman 35. Prng takes around 5 hours while guttman takes 24. Does this mean guttman does a better job at making data unrecoverable? or is prng more efficient?
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    error 28

    here is the dban.txt with an error message. Any way to tell what happened and how much of the hard drives were nuked? 2003/09/11 08:28:29] dban: Darik's Boot and Nuke 0.4.0 started. [2003/09/11 08:28:29] dban: Found floppy drive /dev/floppy/0. [2003/09/11 08:28:29] dban: Found...