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    Signing installers for added trust

    Totally, it's not going to be essential for everyone so I understand your stance. As it is I no longer have a use for eraser my self as I've ditched Windows for the time being, however I do have contact with a number of people who really do need this extra level of trust, especially after the...
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    Signing installers for added trust

    How were people supposed to know this 6.0.8 installer was "safe" Save for the forum (how many people who actually download eraser visit it?), I do not recall anything being mentioned about a breach on the main website (though it is possible I missed something). What about those people who...
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    Signing installers for added trust

    There's more to the code base than the plugins..... or what's to say that something was not hidden in the installer, so while the real eraser gets installed $evil_app gets surreptitiously installed at the same time. When we assume, we make an ass out of u and me :) While I would hope, given...
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    Server Compromise

    Has any more information been gleaned from the breach? Has the code been audited for backdoors, what procedures are in place to ensure the codebase and any installers available for download can be trusted?
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    Signing installers for added trust

    Given the recent issues / compromise, could you look into getting releases signed with PGP/GPG. This enable users to be able to trust the software that is on the site for download. IIRC this had been broached before and knocked on the head as it was too time consuming for Garrett. To work...
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    [v5/v6] What needs erasure before giving my computer away?

    Re: [v5/v6] What needs erasure before giving my computer awa It's worth noting that DBaN (and most other programs) will not wipe blocks that have been marked as bad, so any data that may have existed in said blocks has the potential to be recovered. Cost of recovery will typically be very high...
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    Wipe Windows 7 hard drive

    Windows Vista and above have a new and improved long format option (used by default) this will wipe the drive and prevent any data from being recovered (XP and below differed in that a long format only looked for bad blocks). My Hard Drive Died Ep8 from 55min 30seconds briefly covers it.
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    How could Eraser be a better anti forensic tool ?

    Perhaps a project admin might like to request a code review from the LiberationTech mailing list. While most reviews are for software intended to keep people anonymous, eraser I think would fall under the remit of liberation tech.
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    Nature of Gutmann Lite

    I would be inclined to suggest dumping Gutmann Lite altogether or at the very least renaming it as its name is a bit of a misnomer. There is no evidence what so ever that Gutmann him self came up with it, that I can see. The only thing I can find that ties it to the 35pass Gutmann method is...
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    Nature of Gutmann Lite

    David, you could have just said you don't know instead of linking to the exact same page I did... ;) I am well aware of the ins and outs of the Gutmann 35 pass method and whether it is or isn't worthwhile (read my post history if needs be). Unless I am missing something, the paper makes no...
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    Nature of Gutmann Lite

    I'd be very interested in finding out more about the so called Gutmann Lite method. As far as I can see is is not a method that Gutmann him self came up with it just looks like someone is piggybacking on the name. Typically there are two ways of implementing the Gutmann method, the 35 pass we...
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    Yup i'm aware, just an accidental omission of one instance of the word 'virtual'
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    Firefox button

    You can set up eraser to do it for you by using the scheduler or on demand features. You just have to take a little time to add the paths to all the files you want to rm.
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    OS X has these features built in, albeit a bit more limited. To eraser files put them in the trash then from the finder menu select "Secure File Erase" To wipe free space open /Applications/Utilities/Disk, select the hard drive, to to the erase tab, click "eraser free space" and...
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    Eraser 5.8.7

    Woo new(ish) release. Thanks Joel
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    Eraser 5.8.7-beta 4 Standard and Portable

    Joe, Does the name really make a difference to you? Assuming 5.8.7-beta4 is stable and bug free, the only thing that would change would be the name, so essentially 5.8.7-final would just be 5.8.7-beta4 by another name.
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    Major question about <Eraser Version 5.86.1>

    Madalex, Assuming you havn't figured out the answer yet, it is 'yes'. You can securely erase a file from your computer in one of two ways 1) send it to the recycle bin and then right click on the recycle bin and choose one of the 'erase' option from the menu. 2) browse to the file you want to...
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    CCleaner steps it up a notch

    Looks like CCleaner has stepped it up a notch by adding the ability to securely wipe free space. While it's not as configurable as eraser at the moment it's an interesting development. We now have as far as I can see Eraser 6 which is aiming for CCleaner like functionality and CCleaner which...
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    Eraser freezes

    Is there anything in the recycle bin when the wipe fails?
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    Erase deleted outlook files

    Could have sworn I answered this already. The short answer is no. Eraser is not capable of wiping inside of a .pst file.