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    When erasing files, the eraser task-bar icon will display a red exclamation point.
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    Just "Right-Click" on the drive in question, select "Erase Unused Space", set any options under the supplied button and that's it. When using this option, Eraser will only erase files that were "deleted" via the Operating System on your machine. No saved files will be erased. OF COURSE, A...
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    erasing unused space from large drive

    That will work fine. I have done the same thing using PGPDisks.
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    find erased files

    See my post about Recover4all in the "How SEcure" thread. I was also the "Guest" who posted about a tunneling electron microscope or similar expensive hardware being needed to attempt any recovery. My guess is that the Recover4all poster has some financial interest in the paid version of that...
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    How secure?

    Well I DID try it and you are full of shit. I created a test .jpeg file, and erased it with one pass pseudorandom data. Revover4all did not even show it had been there! The documentation included with Recover4all actually ADMITS that overwritten data cannot be revovered by software.