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    DBAN works well but slow in HP DC7600

    Hi, . Under my HP-COMPAQ DC7600 desktop, DBAN1.0.7 works so slow. It was wiping as 2MB/s. Why ? Please make it more faster. . Thanks a million
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    FC driver support ?

    Hi, . Does Eraser support FC disks ? If not do you have any plan ? If not can you help me for adding FC drivers with payment ? . Thanks :)
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    Looking for Freelancer to change DBAN

    Hi, . We need a freelancer who can change DBAN a little. He will modify some menu, log and adding codes. Please leave your e-mail to communicate. . Best regards, Nobel
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    How to modify the menu and log ?

    Dear Sirs, . I would like to change the menu after loading the DBAN program. That menu has a title such as "Dariks Boot and Nuke...'. How can I modify that menu ? Second, I would like to change DBAN log messages after wiping the drives. . What is the source program , wher can I get it...