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    Suggestion for Eraser -- Firefox plugin

    could be a handy option but as an alternative I tend to set up a schedule to do the wiping of those files.
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    dban or write-zeroes tool?

    DBan will give you more secure wiping options as well as a quick wipe which is the same as the Gateway write-zeros tool. Neither should harm your hard drive.
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    Small Wiping Bug

    I don't believe that is the problem as I have never turned on background entropy polling. In the settings I have the following enabled General: ----------- Erasing Report: After erasing unused disk space Shell Selection: Add item to Explorer context menu Scheduler Tasks: Enable...
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    Small Wiping Bug

    From time to time, when wiping multiple files eraser seems to hang on the last file. Canceling the erasing process causes eraser to stop responding and lock up windows explorer. After a reboot everything is fine, but the file that eraser got stuck on is several Gigs in size, eg:
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    Best method

    Run DBan on the old drive, this comes with eraser or you can download it from Just make sure to disconnect the new hard drive before starting the wiping process!
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    Wild cards are "*" and "?", I'm sure there are more. if you used a wildcard of c:\temp\* this would erase everything in the temp folder. If you used a wildcard of c:\temp\??a.txt this would erase every file in the temp dir that had at least two characters followed by "a.txt" eg aaa.txt...
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    Eraser and image files

    Open up eraser, and go to the preferences\erasing. Create a new erasing type and use a pattern with all zeroes. This will allow you to compress your disk image alot more than if you used any of the other wiping methods