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    Disk Erase for HP Raid controller

    Wiping disks in a RAID array is problematic. I'd suggest pulling the drives and wiping them as individual drives.
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    Report: Reliably Erasing Data from Flash-Based Solid State

    Re: Report: Reliably Erasing Data from Flash-Based Solid Sta Absolutely correct. FDE is one line of defence. Good data hygiene is another.
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    Alternate data stream still intact

    Let's put this all in perspective... The only 100% safe way to ensure data cannot be recovered is complete physical destruction of the media. However, in security, as in other areas of life, a 100% solution is not always required. Overwriting an entire hard drive with a single pass of random...
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    Eraser Fails Against Encase

    I'm working on some test cases for Eraser and Encase is one of my tools. Can you provide some information on the issue you found including the OS, file system, and whether the data was found in the deleted file space or somewhere else?